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THE POWER OF MIRRORING is the basic level workshop of THE SOLO TRAVEL SOLUTION. 

It can be taught as a private workshop for individuals and couples, groups and organizations with a focus on listening, moving beyond negative reactivity, relationship solutions, experiencing well-being, heightening intuition and finding clarity.

 It can also be offered as a speech, seminar, executive consulting program, inservice or team building professional training that teaches solution based communication practices for well-being, stress relief and success.

For some, THE POWER OF MIRRORING is the initial a doorway towards a solo travel journey experience.

“We highly recommend  “The Power of Mirroring”  as a program of professional communications training and consulting. The material continues to be engaging and energizing as we return to it again and again.”

 Marie Beauchemin, Executive Director of A Starting Place: A pre-school for children of all developmental levels and abilities



Becoming aware of how we communicate is the entry point of a powerful journey towards well-being and success.

No matter whether we are struggling with relationships and emotional reactivity in our personal lives, or if we are seeking clarity and ease about our leadership and decision making in our careers, our communication habits leave a mark about ourselves upon others and indicate who we really are on the inside. They are a tissue sample that reveal whether or not we are in touch with our own inner resources that will carry us through challenges and into personal power.

By understanding the principles and practices of listening, validation, appreciation and empathy, we can not only help ourselves to experience an immediate experience a sense of relief about any topic in the present moment – but through practice, we can call forth a kind of well-being state that will deepen and strengthen over time. This well-being state will provide us with intuitive solutions that will positively impact our own lives, as well as those we share space with in our homes and at work.

THE POWER OF MIRRORING is an informative, interactive workshop experience.

THE POWER OF MIRRORING takes us on a journey. It provides us with an experience of pure, positive energy through real, practical, solution oriented communication techniques and the study of the principles behind them. The communication work itself can transform your life and career. It can also inspire you to continue your learning by following the 3-Step process known as The Solo Travel Solution. 

“Michael teaches us communication tools that not only work in both personal and professional environments, they inspire and empower everyone in the room.”

Lori S., Business Owner, Attended THE POWER OF MIRRORING seminar

With THE POWER OF MIRRORING, Solo Travel Solution creator, Michael Jason Sherman, MA, has integrated the principles and practices of Imago Dialogue – a transformational communication technique created by Dr. Harville Hendrix (Oprah Winfrey’s favorite relationship expert) – into a workshop experience that teaches us about listening, well-being and success.

It is a learning experience that can help people to relieve stress and feel an immediate sense of well-being. It can help us untangle difficult relationships and understand what those relationships are teaching us.

It can also take our sense of leadership to another level, helping us tune into internal wisdom that allows us to make tough decisions while also empowering those around us with more ease and more empathy.

With an approached influenced by years of training in Aikido and other energy based martial arts, Michael adapts this workshop experience to the needs of each unique audience, focusing on allowing the communication practice to effortlessly provide the teaching to the participants.

Through the teaching of mirroring – a deceptively simple practice of repeating what a partner has said without any judgment and negativity – that a group can experience a feeling of inspiration and upliftment, along with a kind of understanding that leads to immediate relief and lasting positive change.

Michael’s approach as a teacher enhances the feeling of worthiness within groups both big and small. As in martial arts, continued practice leads to progression in listening, emotional well-being, clarity and intuition.

THE POWER OF MIRRORING workshop and training program can be an informative and enlightening personal growth experience for individuals and couples from your community or group.

At the same time, THE POWER OF MIRRORING can serve as a powerful professional development and wellness program for conferences, corporate environments, and teams of leaders, executives and their staff.

THE POWER OF MIRRORING can also be a starting point for those embarking further on the journey of learning through The Solo Travel Solution. This can mean some form of private coaching that includes the profound, personal experience of solo travel. Or it can be developed into a more intensive leadership and mindfulness training program that deepens the learning and takes a team or a group on a powerful journey of well-being and transformation.


“As Michael demonstrated the process of Mirroring, I had a moment of pure joy and enlightenment. Learning this method of communication has helped improve my interactions with my family and at work. This practice can be life changing.”    

– Eileen B. Attended a POWER OF MIRRORING workshop

These are interactive training experiences that are as fun as they are illuminating. You will be amazed at the subtle nature of the teaching, how it can transform a room, promote a positive culture change and inspire people simply through the engaged practice or witnessing of this powerful communication system.

For a free consultation about bringing The Power of Mirroring training to your group or organization, (phone/skype/in-person) please send an email with your inquiry.  CLICK: HERE 


“Michael made it fun and interesting. I can’t wait to attend another class.”

 – Claire G., POWER OF MIRRORING workshop attendee


The Power of Mirroring will help you understand how to manage negative emotional reactivity, deal with difficult relationships, gain clarity in the midst of confusion, and feel a profound sense of relief.

This training can be adapted to meet the needs of your group or organization, whether that mean professionally compliant communications and mindfulness training, or a workshop focused on personal relationships, dealing with change and choices, and managing negative emotional reactivity.

Here’s how THE POWER OF MIRRORING can help you:


  • Powerful and insightful consulting and training about improving culture, releasing stress, dealing with negativity, shifting into a new direction or a new role, better listening and better leadership, soothing chronic conflicts through mindfulness and validation, experiencing empathy, creative solution-based visualization, and more.
  • Opportunities for ongoing consulting, small group practice or large group training and seminars.


  • Inspiring and informative content and training about communication, relationships and well-being  delivered in an uplifting and entertaining manner. Interactive learning experiences combined with great stories and examples of personal and professional transformation.
  • Material that can be adapted to a variety of audiences, industries and interests.

* * *

“After attending, I became aware of how I have trouble paying attention to the people I’m working with. Michael’s ability to help us practice listening through mirroring has helped improve the interactions I have every day.”

– Ellen S., Executive Administrator, attended THE POWER OF MIRRORING seminar

* * *

THE POWER OF MIRRORING is a journey. Much like solo travel, when we practice mirroring work, we learn to take a solo travel journey into someone else’s world.

This training teaches you how to do that, whether with your clients and employees, or with your partners and loved ones.

If you are ready to experience THE POWER OF MIRRORING,

or you are interested in bringing this work to your team or group,

then send an email inquiry with your questions or request

for an initial free consultation.

This can be done via Skype, phone or in-person (where possible).

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