STEP #3 – Letting the Question Lead Your Journey

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plane and sunsetSTEP 3 in the process of The Solo Travel Solution is to Letting Your Question Lead Your Journey.

What does that mean?

It works as follows.

Once you discover your Question, rehearsing it in your mind like a mantra, noticing a shift in all areas of your life, then you will begin realizing that a reservoir of positive emotional energy is now available in situations that previously baffled you.

Bravo. Really. Bravo.

This is an amazing achievement in itself.


For some of you, that may be enough. Experiencing a shift in your mindset may provide you relief and great peace. You may love your Question and that’s that. All good. Keep it moving.

However, for some of us, this may not be enough. We may feel better, but something hasn’t fully clicked in yet. We may enjoy the idea of who we are, but we don’t really know it in our bones. And you’ll be faced with this Step #3 concept swirling around your head.

What if…

What if I really did this?

What would I find when I go?

We may be yearning for a breakthrough that we don’t quite feel ready for. Our lives may be on the cusp of necessary change that feels beyond our reach. Our Question helps us feel like ourselves, but someone or something in our personal or professional life still feels like a no-win scenario. And you’re not finding the answer where you’re at.

You may be wondering about whether or not to get divorced. You may not understand why you are attracting the same problems with different partners in life and work. You may want to make a big career move, but you’re just too scared or confused to make the move.

Backpacker Waiting for her TrainHere’s the thing. It took many years for your mind to develop its habits. It takes rigorous training to shift the mind on a subconscious level. It’s kind of like that “teach an old dog with new tricks” idea.  It requires sustained, intensive, emotional life experience to let the subconscious mind know that you’re serious.

At some point, you will be forced to confront yourself. 

That’s where the Solo Travel Journey comes in.  It is a profound, personal initiation into the next phase of your life. It is a practice of moving through change by temporarily leaving everything behind. It is a way of you becoming the “you” that you yearn to be.

woman walking in snow mountainsThe journey lets you move through the emotional change you are seeking before you move through it at home.  The act of Solo Travel awakens a feeling of profound aliveness. This feeling brings with it a rush of wisdom and inspiration. The journey provides you with the emotional nourishment you need to align yourself with the change you are seeking.

You will let the feeling of motion work for you, as you allow yourself to connect with the energy of a new land. The mystery of this experience will work wonders for you. Chance occurrences, wild insights that let everything crazy suddenly make sense, random meetings with fascinating people that feel perfectly timed, a sustained sensation of being on the cutting edge of life, hearing your own unique voice come alive.

You will get in touch with a quality of feeling that will seem like everything is lining up for you perfectly. It can fill you mind and body with excitement and passion, or tune your consciousness into a delicious and lasting sensation of inner peace.

* * *

“When you treat motion as a meditation, when you find stillness on the road, when the quiet in your mind matches the momentum of life energy itself, you walk on the cutting edge of life. Reborn you are carried by a wind only your spirit could feel.”


* * * 

Even if your life doesn’t allow you to go very far or for very long,  we will teach you to car keyscreate rules for yourself that will let you feel as if you have stepped through a powerful psychological threshold, transporting you into a zone where you release all you need to let go of, allowing you to be surrounded by a framework of enlightened wisdom.

old life new lifeIt’s about moving through that psychological threshold — which happens naturally through the experience of Solo Travel — that lets things unfold for you on the journey which teach you what you need to know to move through change upon your return home.

You will know the feeling of this change on the journey. And you will watch this change naturally flow into a manifested reality upon your return home.

Then, a few months later, you will want to Solo Travel once again.   

man with two balloons cropped“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

– Lao Tzu (ancient Chinese Philosopher, author of the Tao Te Ching, founder of Taoism)


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