STEP #2 – Discovering Your “Unanswerable Question”

The mind is always working in questions.question mark head

Think about it.

When will she ever get off the phone?

How am I going to get this done?

Why does he forget to call?

How can she speak to me that way?

The mind is always protecting us from threats, whether real or imagined. This protection can be very helpful if we get trapped in a significant situation. However, over the course of our day-to-day lives, when we are unable to hear the quiet below the noise, we can get lost in our heads and disconnected from our authentic state of being.

It’s as if there is a mouse in the house of our minds, and we don’t realize that we are someone other than that squealing mouse. Our minds are creating this anxiety.

* * *

“The mind is using you. You are unconsciously identified with it, so you don’t even know that you are its slave.” 

– Eckhart Tolle (Author of The Power of Now)

* * *

Who is the real you?

STEP #2 in the process of The Solo Travel Solution is Discovering Your “Unanswerable Question.” This Question is like a mantra for your life, a way to keenly focus on the emotional energy of your true nature, your Higher Self.

man on beach

Your Question is like a piece of personal poetry. It is a collection of words that triggers an emotion within you that feels deeply authentic. It is a way of redirecting your mind away from the patterns of anxiety producing self-betrayal, onto a track of emotional momentum that feels easy, stable, powerful, clear, peaceful and alive.

Your Question is like the song you want to sing again and again, because it generates an inner emotional state that feels like a perfect fit. Your Question is a way of allowing you to experience a quality of emotional energy where there is no negativity nor resistance within you.

By focusing upon your Question, and experiencing this shift into a deeper, cleaner, healthier state of being, you will notice a ripple effect of change happening in your interactions with the partners in your life. You will remain present and grounded, rather than triggered into negative emotions. You will gain access to insights and wisdom that feels fresh and fascinating. You will grow surprised with the way you are able to flow through situations which previously frustrated you.

* * * *

The root is “Unanswerable…”

Your Question is considered “Unanswerable” because the person who you’ve been — who lived with an self-betraying impostor occupying his mind — set up a life that cannot answer this Question.  Your job is to consciously change the mental emotional pattern and let your Question do the work for you.

figure doing tree yogaHow can I be a like a lion who roars her truth from a mountain?

How can feel warm like the sun and shine my light on everyone?  

How can I be a brilliant artist who turns everything and everyone that he touches to gold?

Your Question should thrill you, support you, heal you and awaken you. It should propel you towards the path of personal mastery, and allow you to step into a purposeful sense of introspection. It should feel like a chiropractic adjustment to your mind, something that yanks at the root of your self-betraying patterns,  helping you to redirect the flow of your life.

ladder to door cropped

It’s as if you suddenly noticed a door that opens to the sky beyond. That door has always been there, but only now have you given yourself permission to see it. The door is your Unanswerable Question. When you move through that opening, and ask the question that awakens your spirit, then you will be guided towards freedom and inner peace in your life.

Developing a Question can help you in your partnerships in life and work. It creates a sense of focus that shifts the tide of emotional momentum in all your relations.

(For those of you curious how developing a Question can help you in leadership or business, please take a look at our Consulting programs. CLICK: HERE)

We will help you develop your Question. Our programs are designed to guide you into articulating a Question that gets to the heart of who you are – in relationships, business and mindset. Your Question will let you say “That’s it!  That’s the real me!”

Once you have your Question, you are now ready to take a trip.  However far you travel, by using your Question as the foundational inquiry into the creation of a Solo Travel Journey is a fascinating process. The Question generates a quality of authentic, emotional feeling. The journey allows you to experience that emotion in a sustained and remarkable manner, providing you with an experience that your mind will never forget.

The Question is simply a seed. The Journey plants the seed in the garden of your mind forever. It provides you with a real-life experience that lets your Question come alive, allowing you to experience your deepest wisdom for a pocket of time.

Your Question will guide you where you need to go.

The trip will install the Question in your mind forever.

You are now ready for Step #3.

 * * *


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