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THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL: A JOURNEY FROM ANXIETY TO ENLIGHTENMENT is a fast-paced, relentless, hysterical tale of motion and emotion in the land of the rising sun.smiling half buddha

“This book presents a method – a ‘meditation of motion.'” – Barry Vissell, MD, co-author with his wife Joyce of 6 popular books. (

Author Michael Jason Sherman, the creator of The Solo Travel Solution program, takes you on a wild and crazy ride through Tokyo and beyond. You will witness his story of courage, determination and vulnerability as he moves beyond the mental condition of “Manxiety,” into a state of non-stop motion, finding his true voice on the road to enlightenment.

karoakeThis comic masterwork of travel writing is filled with brilliant glimpses of spiritual discovery along with mesmerizing passages of self-deprecating humor. The narrative experience is perfectly lost in translation with scenes of a culture clash that will have you laughing out loud, while you witness one man come to grips with the meaning of his life.

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“Truly courageous writing.” – Hope Stanger, HHC, Speaker/Counselor, founder of The Holistic Empire.

“Awesome book. To see the word ‘Manxiety’ defined is priceless. I’d like to plan a Solo Travel trip. Maybe to Nigeria.” – Ariel Peniche, Entrepreneur, Owner of Communiteez T-shirt company.

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japanese crosswalkStruggling with a bitter and impassioned personal dilemma —- adopt a baby or get divorced — Michael leaves his marriage and everything else in his life behind, setting forth on a ten-day journey to Japan, armed with only a single question and all the chatter he brought with him in his mind. Facing the truth of his past, the possibility of his future, he discovers how to live in the present moment while transfixed into constant motion throughout Japan.  As you read how Michael undergoes his own mysterious transformation, you may be bit by the bug of Solo Travel yourself.

Along with the sharply observed descriptions of life alone in another land, Michael begins each chapter with a new philosophical principle about the process that one undergoes when setting forth on a Solo Travel Journey. Drawing upon ancient Zen Buddhist texts, the modern work of Joseph Campbell, Eckhart Tolle and Harville Hendrix, Michael extricates the principles of the “solo traveler” as you witness him discover them himself out there on the road in Japan.

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“This book is a meditative self-reflection.  I will get so much more out of it from reading it again. The book itself is a Solo Travel Journey.”
– Kerry Potter, Radio Host, WRCR in New York.

“So easy to read. So fast moving. You just want to read on.”  – Ellen Schmall, Executive Administrator of American Leisure, over thirty years experience in Luxury/Travel Industry.

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kaiten sushiMichael squeezed the lemon of Japan for all its juice. He experienced professional baseball games, karaoke bars, Buddhist temples, dozens and dozens of subway rides, an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, a kaiten sushi bar beer girl in japanwhere the food is delivered via conveyor belt, a Zen rock garden, a live Aikido class, all while keeping it moving in Japan.

But what really happened to Michael while in Japan was a shift in his inner world. Over the course of a ten-day stretch, we see him move through the deepest levels of despair, dread and depression into a state of elation, ecstasy and enlightenment.

The Zen of Solo Travel may be the starting point for your journey. This book will move you beyond the madness of your life as you step into the mystery and fascination of motion. Take a taxi to your Higher Self. 

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