A Journey from Anxiety to Enlightenment


Tuesday, November 19th, 7-830pm (FREE)

Art Cafe of Nyack, 65 S. Broadway, Nyack, NY


“All I can say is ‘wow.’ The raw emotion is heart stopping and the preludes to every chapter propel the reader into a momentary intimate and personal connection to our higher selves. Spectacularly written.” – Diane Stern, CEO of UltraCare Nursing and Co-founder of SOUL Uganda Relief Organization

japanese crosswalkCome hear the story behind the story of this fascinating and inspiring book, THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL. You will hear how author Michael Jason Sherman faced a crisis in his marriage, his career and his mental health — then took life in his own hands, flying across the world to come face to face with the core of his soul, while suspended in motion in the land of the rising sun.

THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL is a book that will take you through one man’s story of madness and mystery, as you follow the philosophy of the Solo Traveler — the spiritual awakening that happens when you leave everything behind and set forth into motion in another land.

With his authentic demeanor and hysterical sense of humor, Michael will provide you an entertaining evening of ideas about relationships, spirituality and life direction, as he reads to you a powerful chapter of this landmark book.

He will field your questions about issues that affect your life —- monomyth structuremarriage, divorce, career, parenthood, career, moving through change, and emotional management —  and put it all into a context of a Solo Travel Journey — an experience that can bring you a feeling of aliveness and a heightened state of wisdom — no matter whether you whether you take a walk in the woods or you fly all the way around the world.

Join us for an evening of laughs, ideas, and heart! And really good Mediterranean food and atmosphere. Tuesday, Art Cafe of Nyack, FREE!

smiling half buddha“It’s such a great book. It’s so beautiful. I feel so happy that Michael had this experience because people around the world are going to read it and use it as a reference.”  – Amelia, Graduate of the Solo Travel Solution Program 

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