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Discovering Your Deepest Wisdom By Leaving Everything Behind



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river rapids in japanMomentum.

It’s the force or speed of movement.

Momentum picks up, momentum slows down. An object can build momentum, like a boulder rolling down a hill or a car pulling onto a fast moving highway. The same boulder can slow down to a halt. The same car can run into the resistance of bumper to bumper traffic.

Ultimately, there is a vitally important type of momentum that I want you to consider as you read this book. Emotional momentum. This is the force or speed of emotional movement, the increase or decrease in power of feelings moving through your body. Feelings that keep moving through you over time as you interact with the people, situations and things that show up in your life.

So think about it… are there emotions that you’ve been feeling for a long, long time? Feelings that keep moving through you again and again for longer than you can remember?

Emotions that seem to erupt within you when you think about certain partners in your life? People like parents or lovers. People like husbands and wives, or ex-husbands and ex-wives? People like your boss, or the one before that, or the one before the one before that?

woman in therapyYou may have some powerful emotional momentum moving through you, emotional momentum that keeps you restricted, discontent, angry and alone. Emotional momentum that turns you into the “difficult one,” or the “loner” or the “weirdo.” At least, that’s what it can feel like being seen through the eyes of others in your life.

You can go to ten different therapists over the course of a decade and you’ve still wake up with that same neurotic, anxious feeling that doesn’t seem to go away. You can have another argument with your partner and come away feeling lost and confused and bitter again and again and again. You can keep going back to the same job in the morning and return home with that same “what-am-I-doing-with-my-life” feeling at night.

The momentum of an emotion will move through you like a train that cannot stop on its own.

So what do you do about it?

The solution is not necessarily changing therapists or leaving your husband and quitting your job. The solution might not be another prescription for a different medication that numbs your mind and leaves you with a Torah scroll of side effects. The solution might not be drinking nor drugging, nor Facebook chatting until four in the morning, text messaging five hundred times a day, changing your online dating profile (again), freaking out, breaking up, over-eating, under-earning, channel surfing, pumping iron, picking fights, taking it out on your kids, giving your husband the silent treatment, and so on.

Bullet Trains in TokyoThe solution is inviting a new experience of emotional momentum. The solution is choosing the emotional track you want to ride on and allowing that feeling to carry you through life. The solution is to take life in your own hands and feel new feelings move through you — feelings that feel like the real you.

The solution is experiencing emotions moving through you that seem authentic, powerful, easy, stable and at peace with all that is. The solution is setting up a rendez-vous with the real you, the higher, wiser, deeper version of you that is hiding below the surface of the discontent that keeps coming back.

You have permission to experience the feelings that your inner being wants you to know, feelings of aliveness that will move through you like clouds streaking across the sky, like snowy mountains in your rear-view mirror, like the fascinating faces of people that pass you by as you stroll along a busy street in a foreign city.

The solution is to leave everything behind for a temporary pocket of time. Everything and everyone. The solution is setting forth on a journey to a new land that you may tune into new rhythms and vibrations that awaken your spirit. The solution is to jump headfirst into motion that you may harmonize with the momentum of life itself. The solution is coming home with lungs filled with the oxygen you need to move you through change.

woman looking at rainbowThe solution is learning how to feel alive.

The solution is taking a Solo Travel Journey.

I am here to teach you how.

You are invited to keep reading this book as it is being written before your eyes.

– Samurabbi

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Discover Your Deepest Wisdom By Leaving It All Behind.

A Book written as Blog Posts.  Introduction, Part 4.

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yoga woman sunsetIf you feel like no one else is listening to you, then I’m listening to you.

I can hear what’s happening in your inner world.  I can hear your desire to be seen for who you really are. I can hear your need to feel like you’re living in your own skin. I can hear you wanting to express your authentic voice and not be judged by anyone, especially the ones closest to you.

I’m listening.

Maybe that doesn’t count for much. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything to you. Maybe no one knows what you’re really going through. Words mean nothing. Especially if they come from someone who just wrote some blog post, somewhere in the world. You’re still alone.

That’s true. But I’m still listening.

I’m still allowing for the possibility that my words are landing on you, that you understand that what’s happening in your authentic emotional experience is important to me.

I’m hoping that, as you read my words, you consider that I’m speaking my truth. I can’t help but have empathy for others.  It’s been a curse, but now it’s a blessing. I’ve been hurt like no one else, but now I’m nobody’s fool. I learned to move through it. And now I’ve become a teacher. A teacher who listens.

Michael Jason Sherman standing in front of the White House while on a Solo Travel Journey

Michael Jason Sherman standing in front of the White House while on a Solo Travel Journey

I’m listening.

Whether you believe that or not.

I’m listening to how difficult it is for you to live with your partner, and how you’re afraid to live without him. I’m listening to how hard it is for you to leave, and how much harder it is for you to stay.

I’m listening to how unusual it feels now that your nest is empty and how you don’t know what to do next with your life.

I’m listening to the confusion and hurt that still lingers after your divorce. Each one of them.

I’m listening to the queasy vibrations you have about finding another partner. I’m listening to your frustration about finding the same difficult partner again and again every time you try to date.

I’m listening to you wondering why the world can’t see the natural, radiant beauty within you, the soft loving presence, the powerful wildness. You know it’s there, but now you’re starting to doubt that it will ever come out.

I’m listening to the way you found yourself in the wrong life, the wrong marriage, the wrong job. I’m listening to you ache as the voice of your life’s work remains silent.

I’m listening.  And that’s all well and good. Maybe that gives you solace and relief, maybe it doesn’t. But what I can say for sure is that I’m not the only one listening. There is someone else, someone far more important than me that is listening to you. All the time.

Your inner being. Your spirit. Your Higher Self.

You have a partner that is with you all the time, listening to you, giving you feedback about everything in your life. How do I know this? Well, what are you feeling right now? Happy and joyous? Angry and bitter? Hopeless and in despair? Whatever it is you are feeling, this partner, this inner being is listening and responding to you through your emotions.

Your emotions are a guidance system letting you know that you are never alone. Not ever.

Now here’s the thing. And what I’m about to say may throw you through a loop a little. Your Higher Self is listening to you all the time. And she communicates her guidance to you through your emotions.  How you feel is an indicator that your spirit is listening to whatever you are going through.

But she also listens in other ways. She sends things to you. People. Situations. Teachers. Tests.

She is always looking out for you. She is always providing you guidance. The question is, are you listening to the guidance. Are you tuned in enough to recognize the signals that your Higher Self is giving you.

woman looking at rainbowThis is why I want to teach you how to take a Solo Travel Journey.

Because to me, there is nothing like a Solo Travel Journey to put you in direct connection with the guidance that your inner being is offering you. Nothing.

When you leave everything behind and set forth into motion on a journey to a new land, no matter how close or how far, you will rendez-vous with the very spirit that lives in you. You will feel like you are being listened to by a presence far deeper than you’ve known in your day-to-day life. You will feel a sense of profound validation that you are not alone, in spite of the “solo” nature of this journey.

Someone is listening to you. Someone wonderful.

The real you.

If you want to experience this “listening,” I recommend you take a trip. And do it solo.

I’m hear to teach you how to do this. I’m hear to let you experience your truth.

All you have to do is leave everything behind.

And remember to keep it moving.

– Samurabbi

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A Way To Move Through Suffering Into Feeling Alive!

A Book written as Blog Posts. Introduction, Part 3

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Princeton UniversityI want to tell you a story.

Yom Kippur was coming. I knew another Solo Travel Journey was moving through me. If I could simply snatch a single day trip, if I allowed myself to practice this process, if I found a way to imagine that I was temporarily leaving everything in my life behind, then I was guaranteed to come into contact with a force of healing wisdom that always seems to meet me along the way.

Each trip is a story, and each trip I come back refreshed, rebooted, reawakened and alive! And by the way, so will you.  When you’re ready. I can help you with that.

So let’s keep it moving….

I decided to set forth on a one-day Solo Travel Journey to Princeton University. Something was calling me to visit a prestigious college.  Maybe it was the launch of The Zen of Solo Travel – my first published book.  Maybe it was a need to revisit the lost innocence of my college days now that my former marriage had finally moved through me.

On the drive, I let it all go. I imagined that everything was behind me – work, home, money, relationships and especially all the negative emotional energy I’d been carrying around. By thinking this way, and by following the clouds and by listening to the voice of the GPS lady, I arrived in the Central Jersey, Ivy League.

Thinking I’d explore for a few hours and then return home in time for one last pre-Yom Kippur meal before the twenty-five hour fast, I parked and wandered aimlessly about the campus.

Pristine. Precious. Princely. Twirling around mysterious corners of silvery stone. Hopping from castle to castle in some magical northern English town. Body brimming with new hope. Mind flooding with memories. College. Where every day was another perfect cocktail of dark depression shaken with the lemon ecstasy of learning.

Pretending to be part-professor, part-late blooming co-ed, part middle-aged campus creep (imagine Golem found his way into a Woody Allen movie — my precioussssss…), I let myself get lost just enough to join a tour of High School seniors and their proud and nervous parents.

Rothko at Princeton MuseumThe tour lures us into the third largest college cathedral in the world, stacked with tubes of sturdy stone curling upwards to the sky in perfect arches, adorned with the holy suspense of stained glass imagery, unfurling into an ancient and mystical space of prayer. Five minutes and we’re back outside with the tour. Five minutes after that, and I’m ordering a burger on the street somewhere.

I feel the urge to call my old college roommate. He was a tall, lanky, brown-haired revolutionary, the kind of guy that would wear a Che Guevara shirt at the protest rally he organized to free a wrongly accused prisoner. Googled him. High School teacher. California.

“Hey man, it’s Michael… I’ve been meaning to reach out to you… I’m actually right across the street from Princeton University right now… Hard to explain… Hey, call me back when you can…”

When the hamburger was done, a flood of sorrow poured through me. I was overcome. I experienced a state of sadness that gripped me like no other. I could not get myself to leave the table with my sandwich wrappings. Felt like the world was crying through me. Felt like losing something deeply precious. Or someone. I had to maintain.

For whatever reason, I was drawn back to the cathedral. There, I sobbed. I just sat on a pew and sobbed.  I sobbed more and more until it was finally gone. Released. Complete. Refreshed.


After a strange jaunt through the Princeton University Art Museum tripping out on the delightful orange and pink fields of Mark Rothko, I find myself back in the car.  Wow. What a day. Go home and eat and get ready to fast like a good Jew.

No. Don’t. You must stay over.

Stay over?

Yes.  Keep it moving. To the beach.  

The Jersey shore. A distraction? No doubt. An expense? Absolutely. But I was called. “You-only-live-once” called. Ninety-minutes of driving and I’m checking in at the Seaside Motel, staring at the roaring waves of coastal New Jersey on a dark October evening. I prayed a little. I sang to myself. Then I slept.

In the morning, it was warm enough to put on a bathing suit and get into the water up to my thighs. It was a gray day, but a lovely one. I placed my clothes where they could not possibly get wet. My footprints were the only ones on the beach this morning. It was just me and the seagulls and the clouds.

Seaside HeightsI was happy. I was really, really happy. Happy to be alive. I was so proud and honored to be me. I’ve felt that feeling before, maybe a little, maybe here and there. But not like I did in this moment. Not like now. Not like the peace that surrounded me, like the power that poured through me.

Such blessed peace. Such blessed power.

Oh spirit that lives out there… you are moving through me now….

My heart sings in gratitude! My mind flies through the clouds!

I managed to make my way into the water, singing the Yom Kippur prayer that is repeated throughout the day, calling out the thirteen attributes of HaShem in one long bellyful of chant. And that’s when the big wave came. The one that knocked me down and got all my clothes soaking wet.

Crap. Oh well. Keep it moving. Go home. Fast all day. Be a good Jew.

Nothing special.

Except for everything.

I want you to know this everything. I want you to feel these feelings. I want you to learn how to keep it moving through a day or a week or a month of Solo Travel, and then come back home vibrating and humming and singing and grateful, so deeply, deeply grateful for being alive.  I want you to learn what I am starting to know.

You can have your own trip. I already have mine.

Thanks for reading.

– Samurabbi

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A Way To Move Through Suffering Into Feeling Alive!

A Book written as Blog Posts. Introduction, Part 2

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Kerouac arms crossedJack Kerouac wrote this:

“I see a vision of a great rucksack revolution thousands or even millions of young Americans wandering around with rucksacks…..   all of ’em Zen Lunatics who go about writing poems that happen to appear in their heads for no reason….”  (from The Dharma Bums)

Kerouac was above all a writer, and above that, a mystic. He developed a keen awareness for the unseen forces of life that are always moving through us, and he feverishly put it all down in words and words and words, all while keeping himself moving through America and beyond.

As a generation of Baby Boomers became born into a world where the promise of an American Dream was always in front of them — a home of your own, the security of a long-term job at a prestigious company, a wife, a husband, three kids, two cars, and all the ice cream you could ever want to eat at your favorite suburban restaurant — Kerouac’s sword of a pen pierced through the heart of the hypocrisy before anyone realized the promise was a lie.

He wasn’t a revolutionary. He was a mystic. He was consumed with a passion that took him on the road, into train cars, onto ships, writing everything his mind thought onto every substance his hands could find in order to convey the presence of a spirit that moved through his soul. He made language new. He found awe and aliveness and meaning and mystery in motion. He discovered the other side of himself by leaving everything behind.

Forty-five years after Jack Kerouac left the physical world, we are still being promised an American Dream. We are still being sold an idea that who we really are will be provided for by the government, technology, retirement plans, pharmaceuticals, medical insurance, unlimited texting, wireless networks, open-air malls, organic food, online learning, energy boosters, sleep-aids, weddings, marriages, mortgages, piercings, kids menus, big screen TV’s, botox, blueberry margaritas, hedge funds, doctors, lawyers and your parents.

And so on.

Sure, there’s lots of good qualities to the things our culture provides for us. People can still  sustain a happy life with a good job and a fine partner and healthy children.  Nothing wrong with that, indeed. What brings you joy keeps you alive.

But are you really feeling joy? Are you really feeling alive?

Or is there a living poem wandering aimlessly in your head?

A poem of discontent. A poem of unease. A poem of private suffering.

A poem about what only you went through as a child. A poem that no one else seems to understand. A poem about the mood that keeps coming back. A poem about the flood of emotions you don’t want to feel.

A poem about finding the someone you can’t seem to find. A poem about leaving the someone you can’t seem to leave.

A poem that lets you breathe. A poem that pulls the pinkie out of the dam.

Solo Travel Solution is waiting for youA living poem that has to be experienced before it is expressed.

This is what Kerouac was trying to achieve. A state of living poetry. A way of being that helps people to experience a sense of aliveness that brings with it such unfathomable wisdom, it can bring you to tears. An experience of motion that unites you with the momentum that drives the energy of the universe itself.

The world we are provided with is not the only world. There is another. A world beyond the one you are living in, beyond the suffering you may be going through right now.

It exists. But the only way to discover it is by setting forth on a journey, getting into motion and wandering aimlessly. The only to find it is by leaving everything behind.


A way to experience living poetry in motion.  A way to let the suffering move through you.

The promise of Kerouac is alive.

– Samurabbi

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It Happens Suddenly

zen stones and lightSatori is the term in traditional Japanese Zen practice referring to the state of sudden enlightenment that can come over someone like a flash of lightning. When in circles of Zen training, this condition is something that happens to the practitioner who has been meditating for years, who experiences such a profound metaphysical shift.

However, there is a way for anyone to take a little taste of enlightenment. A very simple, straightforward thing to do that will guarantee you will become “lighter” by the doing of it.

All you must do is get into motion.

Drive. Walk. Run. Bike. Rollerblade. Fly. Whatever it takes to get yourself moving.

When you get into motion, you join in harmony with the rhythm of life that is perpetually in motion. This harmonizing resonates within you, clearing away negativity, opening the doors to natural wisdom to help you move through change.

Solo Travel does that for you.

Little change. And big change.

What are you waiting for? It’s your turn to know this.



Read my story of moving through profound change in a Solo Travel Journey that I took to Japan. It shook everything up for me, and now for many others.  $9.99 PDF E-Book.  CLICK: HERE

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Leaving Everything Behind

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The key to achieving a miraculous experience by taking a Solo Travel Journey is the practice of leaving everything behind. You’ve got to get in that car, start the ignition, drive away from your home, your spouse, your family, your job, and pretend as if you are starting your entire life over again.

Which you are.

river rapids in japanYou’ve got to practice the mindset that everything in your life is in front of you (which it is). You’ve got to relax until you are surrounded by an awareness of the present moment, that state of grace that teaches you all you need to know (which it does).

In other words, the miracle of a Solo Travel Journey happens when you match the rhythm of life itself.

Years ago, my Sensei in the martial art of Aikido had the entire dojo community drive up to frigid Lake Washington to practice the cleansing art of misogi by jumping full-body into the water at six in the morning on a January in Seattle. He told us to to leave everything behind in the water, all the bad stuff in our lives, but also all the good stuff. He wanted us to come out clean and fresh like a baby.

Wouldn’t you like to feel clean and fresh like a baby?



Read my story of a transformational Solo Travel Journey to Japan:  THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL – A Journey from Anxiety to Enlightenment.  $9.99 PDF E-book. CLICK: HERE 

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The Solo Travel Journey

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The Solo Travel Journey is an emotional journey.

What does this mean?plane and sunset

It means you don’t actually need to travel anywhere in order to move through the kind of profound change that a Solo Travel Journey will inspire within you. You don’t have to pack your bags and figure out who’s watching the kids and make sure you get those extra days off so you can go through that weird and penetrating state of doubt that affects just about everyone who has taken a Solo Travel Journey at least once.

That “what the hell am I doing this for” doubt.

It means that you have permission to allow your emotions to move through you like clouds through the sky. All of your emotions.  All of your joy and peace and contentment.  And all of your bitterness, frustration and resentment. Your body is the vehicle for all of this energy. You have it in you to release all of it. Let it go. Let it pass. Keep it moving.

That said, it can be easier to let the feeling of motion do the work for you. Like when you jump in a car and your favorite song comes on. Like the moment the plane takes off and you are hurled back into your seat, knowing you will wake up in another land.

Now that’s an emotional journey.

Maybe it’s time you took one.



Read about my Solo Travel Journey to Japan that has inspired dozens to take their own – www.TheZenofSoloTravel.com.   $9.99 E-book PDF Download.

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It’s a project that will help people move through profound changes in their lives.

Michael Jason Sherman, MA

Michael Jason Sherman, MA

My name is Michael Jason Sherman. I’m a Life Coach and the author of THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL. On February 24th, I will begin leading an online course called “FOUR WEEKS TO FEELING ALIVE,” which will teach people how to individually design their own transformational Solo Travel Journey.

It will be a fun and fascinating group intensive, with lots of individual attention and caring guidance to help people move through change in their relationships, their mindset and the overall direction in their work and life.

By the end of the course, participants will have a breadth of knowledge about issues such as marriage, divorce, attracting a partner, dealing with childhood wounds, emotional management, finding and expressing your inner voice, life direction and spirituality. They will be engaged in content, material and stories that will inspire and educate them, while bringing relief, hope and inner peace.

And they will be prepared to design and go on their own transformational Solo Travel Journey after the course is over. Doesn’t matter if you decide to take a walk in the woods or buy a round trip ticket around the world. The system works however you can use it.



I’ve developed a simple, straightforward REFERRAL PROGRAM, whereby I reward people financially for sharing the information about this program with their friends and colleagues. This is an honest, open-hearted way to help people who need to move through change, so I want to be generous and make it very, very easy for you to make some money by sharing the message about this work.

HERE’S THE SYSTEM:  Once you say “YES!” to the referral program….

1. I send you an email that includes a small blurb and a link to a webpage about the program.  You simply cut and paste the blurb and then send it out to your friends and colleagues via email or Facebook of both. (Facebook can be sent as a post or as an event).  You may change the blurb to fit the needs of your audience. Whatever works.  (Must send all info out by February 21st the latest! – Program begins February 24th)

2. Your friends and colleagues evaluate the webpage and decide if they want to register for the program.  If they do, their registration information is tracked by Eventbrite, the company I am using to host the webpage invitation for the program.

3. One month after the completion of the program, you will receive a financial reward from me based on how many paid participants you refer to the program. I AM OFFERING $100 PER BASIC PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS AND $150 PER EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS — AS LONG AS THE PARTICIPANTS YOU HAVE REFERRED HAVE PAID IN FULL FOR THE ONLINE PROGRAM.  You will receive your money via check or Pay Pal transfer. I will follow up with you for payment details.

Selling Airplane Tickets

THAT’S IT. Cut and paste. Send. Relax. People sign up. Get paid after the program is over.




“When I found Michael, I was already pretty sure my marriage was over. He took me through a journey examining certain parts of my past and decisions I had made. He prepared me for a Solo Travel Journey. I learned to trust myself and say “Yes!” to new experiences. I opened my mind and my heart, met amazing people and began to shine from within. I returned home filled with confidence and faith in myself and the universe.”   – Kathy, Solo Travel Coaching Graduate




transportationPROGRAM DISCOUNT — Anyone who participates in the Referral Program may attend FOUR WEEKS TO FEELING ALIVE at a significantly reduced rate.  This is a great way to reboot your mind, body and soul — so I encourage you to take part. I will give you a discount promotional code to receive the special rate. (EMAIL INFO BELOW).


This is the webpage your friends and colleagues will see when they click through:  CLICK: HERE.


This is a version of an email/Facebook blurb you can cut and paste and send:

Here’s something for people who need to move through change.  It’s called “FOUR WEEKS TO FEELING ALIVE” — it’s an online course that teaches you how to design your own Solo Travel Journey. Whether you take a walk in the woods or travel to another country, you will learn a system that awakens your inner wisdom. It’s going to be a solid, helpful, fascinating course, with lots of individualized attention, inspirational stories and information about relationships, mindset and spiritual growth. Check it out for yourself.  www.YourPersonalizedWeblink.com


Anyone may participate in the REFERRAL PROGRAM. So if you know people in your network who would feel good about sharing this information in this way, please let them know by forwarding this blog post or send them in my direction via email.

How do you do this? —- Very, very easy.  Just send me an email and put “REFERRAL PROGRAM” in the subject line.  Tell me your full name and that you want to participate and I will send you the individualized blurb to send out with some instructions.



If you need more info and want to contact me, you may do so via email or reach my via phone – (845) 425 – 3245.

Solo Travel Solution is waiting for you*

Thanks so much for reading and taking part in this.

And always remember to keep it moving!

-Michael Jason Sherman, MA

Author of The Zen of Solo Travel

Creator of The Solo Travel Solution

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January 11th Event

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An Interactive Lecture and Discussion with Michael Jason Sherman, MA

Author of THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL: A Journey From Anxiety to Enlightenment

  SATURDAY, January 11th, 2014, 7-830pm  – $10 per person

Peace Forest Sanctuary, 8 Amber Ridge Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY

* * * * question mark head

Come hear this fascinating and inspiring talk about how to Discover the Question of Your Life. In just 90 minutes, you will learn how to interpret your relationship patterns in order to awaken you to what’s lying below the surface —  the expression of what you truly desire.

Michael Jason Sherman, MA is an author and life coach, an expert on Imago Dialogue and Imago Relationship Theory, and the creator of The Solo Travel Solution program – a 3 Step transformational process that helps people experience a feeling of aliveness and inner wisdom by temporarily leaving everything in their lives behind.

During this interactive lecture this Saturday evening, you will learn the process Michael teaches his students that leads to the creation of a unique, personalized, Life Question — something akin to private, spiritual mantra, helping you to tune in to the truth of your inner being. Having your Question will let you to feel grounded and aware, but will also steer the ship of your mind in a way that will help you gain a sense of confidence and power to handle challenging people and situations. red questions and dude

Once someone has their Question, it is strongly suggested that they take the Question on a Solo Travel Journey, using this mantra as a kind of spiritual compass for a physical journey — whether you head for a hike in the woods or you take flight to the other side of the world.

Michael will share stories of his own journeys and how he works with his students who have successfully developed Questions and set forth on Solo Travel Journeys all over the world. If you have an interest in personal development or spirituality, if you feel yourself challenged by relationships or your life direction, if you are an entrepreneur or leader interested in the process of creativity and vision, or if you are simply ready for change and a spark in your life, then this class is for you.

Michael in Black HatMichael’s speaking style will capture you right from the first moment. You will be entertained, you will learn a lot, you will laugh, and you will have a good time. Come buy the ticket to learn what this is all about — and take the ride to Discovering the Question of Your Life.

* * * *

Get started by downloading THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL E-book. Learn the philosophy behind this work and read the story of a wild ten-day trip to Japan where Michael took his life in his own hands and came back a different man. CLICK: HERE

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An Extremely Serious Problem Called Marriage

* * * *

I remember having something of a Groundhog Day moment in my counseling office. I had heard this story again and again so many times from the person that happened to be sitting across from me. Different client, same story of marriage conflict. I couldn’t help but temporarily disappear into my own magical world. Luckily, my client didn’t notice.

Was it the one who said, “He’s so shut down. It’s like I’m not even there.”frustrated couple

Or the one who said, “You don’t understand how controlling she is. My marriage feels like a prison.”

Or perhaps it was this one: “And then he said, ‘I expect it from you every night. I work hard. I put food on the table. This is not what I signed up for in this marriage!’”

Honestly, I couldn’t remember.

Painful situations, no doubt. But whenever the moment happened for me, it felt like a tiny hit of enlightened wisdom that distracted my sensibilities, a presence of awe that there was something bigger happening in this counseling office.

I tried not to leap from my chair from the excitement I felt. My client’s story triggered a sense of professional compassion and basic human empathy, but more than that, it flooded me with the inspiration that hits a mad scientist like lightning.

I had figured out the formula. Eureka!

And it went like this:

The first moments of a relationship sets the tone for the rest of its existence. How it begins is how it always will be.

Whatever happens in those early text messages, Match.com emails going back and forth, late-night phone conversations, foot rubs and mixed drinks ­— the dynamic is set in stone from the beginning, growing like a virus, till death do us part.

The love is there. But the power struggle is there too. Look closely. You’ll find it.

“We had sex on the first date,” said a different client on a different day. “Then we went to Vegas and tied the knot. We decided to just go for it after three hours on the craps table and like forty margaritas. I just don’t understand why things are always so bad in our marriage now…”

Go figure.

The case above may be a more severe example, but upon reflection, the theory seemed to be taking shape, in terms of all I had witnessed as a counselor.

The trouble you are facing now was there right from the very first date.

What happens at the beginning creates a context for all that is to come.

Michael in Black Hat

Michael Jason Sherman, Creator of THE SOLO TRAVEL SOLUTION Program

A power struggle is planted in ignorance like an innocent little seed, right at the first meeting between two lovers, waiting to bear fruit years later in the marriage.

It’s not your fault. But you will have an extremely serious problem if you don’t grow conscious.

The problems of marriage are never cut and dry. But the if you can see some value in this theory, then consider the idea rooted within it: people have a tendency to get married to someone else before they are marrying themselves – or at least before getting to know their inner truth on a spiritual level.

Therefore, if they are not fully conscious in those early moments of a relationship, they are likely to be absorbed and consumed by a theme and variation of disappointments and denial, war and withdrawal, all of which started in some small (and sometimes not so small way) at the very first moment you met your sweetie.

Not that this conundrum can’t be moved through and mastered. In fact, if you become conscious to the core energies that were present in the initial moments of your relationship, you can look at this condition as a puzzle filling with mysteries that move your life forward into a spiritual awakening, whether the marriage comes with you or not. In this way, the marriage is giving birth to the real you.

However, if you don’t get conscious, if you don’t notice how the core issues of your relationship were there right from the very beginning, then that lack of consciousness will take root and leave you with an extremely serious problem.

Otherwise known as being trapped in a power struggle called marriage.

So, what’s next? Counseling? Sure. Divorce? Maybe. But what is my personal prescription?

plane and sunsetA Solo Travel Journey. A pocket of time where you temporarily leave everything in your life behind (including your marriage). An adventure where you set forth into motion, awakening to the wisdom that is waiting for you on the road. A feeling of aliveness that will allow you to meet up with the being you have always been, that perhaps your marriage has not allowed you to be.

A breakaway that guarantees a breakthrough. A voyage of personal discovery that enlivens your spirit and brings you back to your essence. A trip that cleans the palette of your mind, refreshes your body and resets your soul, allowing you the inner peace and personal power to return to a new relationship with the same partner.

When you return, you may feel a deeper level of acceptance. Or you may initiate profound change in the dynamics of your marriage. It also may mean that you are finally ready to move on.

Only you will know.  But the answers about you, your relationships and your life direction are waiting for you out there on the journey. They will meet you along the way, in a meaningful meditation of motion.

Always remember to keep it moving….

– Michael Jason Sherman / 10-14-13

* * * *

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