It Happens Suddenly

zen stones and lightSatori is the term in traditional Japanese Zen practice referring to the state of sudden enlightenment that can come over someone like a flash of lightning. When in circles of Zen training, this condition is something that happens to the practitioner who has been meditating for years, who experiences such a profound metaphysical shift.

However, there is a way for anyone to take a little taste of enlightenment. A very simple, straightforward thing to do that will guarantee you will become “lighter” by the doing of it.

All you must do is get into motion.

Drive. Walk. Run. Bike. Rollerblade. Fly. Whatever it takes to get yourself moving.

When you get into motion, you join in harmony with the rhythm of life that is perpetually in motion. This harmonizing resonates within you, clearing away negativity, opening the doors to natural wisdom to help you move through change.

Solo Travel does that for you.

Little change. And big change.

What are you waiting for? It’s your turn to know this.



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Being Alone

Sometimes I get this question:

“Do you really have to go alone?”

man with two balloonsI laugh. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the question. Yes, I am teaching people to take a Solo Travel Journey, which inherently means that they will be traveling alone. However, the prospect of doing so can be a little scary to some. Even though they already know the answer to the question, their mind cannot wrap itself around the concept.

“Why the hell would I do something as crazy as travel alone?” asks the mind, which is only there trying to protect you from the treacherous insanity that is Solo Travel.

But here’s the thing. You can’t get the juice out of a lemon unless you squeeze it. And likewise, you can’t find out what’s inside you unless you get away from what’s outside you.

Meaning, there’s more to you than your marriage, your divorce, your kids, your job, your band, your one-woman-show, your pet rock. Want to get to the bottom of your relationship issues? Then leave your relationship — temporarily — and get to the bottom of you.

And after that, come back home and move through the change that’s in front of you.

Psst…. by the way, I’ll let you in on a secret. If you do end up going a Solo Travel Journey, you’re going to discover this secret on your own. But here it is now.

No matter what —- you are never, ever, ever alone.

Ever, ever.



Read how I sent myself around the world to Japan, alone, for a 10 day trip that completed changed the direction of my life — and now the lives of many others.

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Leaving Everything Behind

* * * *

The key to achieving a miraculous experience by taking a Solo Travel Journey is the practice of leaving everything behind. You’ve got to get in that car, start the ignition, drive away from your home, your spouse, your family, your job, and pretend as if you are starting your entire life over again.

Which you are.

river rapids in japanYou’ve got to practice the mindset that everything in your life is in front of you (which it is). You’ve got to relax until you are surrounded by an awareness of the present moment, that state of grace that teaches you all you need to know (which it does).

In other words, the miracle of a Solo Travel Journey happens when you match the rhythm of life itself.

Years ago, my Sensei in the martial art of Aikido had the entire dojo community drive up to frigid Lake Washington to practice the cleansing art of misogi by jumping full-body into the water at six in the morning on a January in Seattle. He told us to to leave everything behind in the water, all the bad stuff in our lives, but also all the good stuff. He wanted us to come out clean and fresh like a baby.

Wouldn’t you like to feel clean and fresh like a baby?



Read my story of a transformational Solo Travel Journey to Japan:  THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL – A Journey from Anxiety to Enlightenment.  $9.99 PDF E-book. CLICK: HERE 

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