Leaving Everything Behind

* * * *

The key to achieving a miraculous experience by taking a Solo Travel Journey is the practice of leaving everything behind. You’ve got to get in that car, start the ignition, drive away from your home, your spouse, your family, your job, and pretend as if you are starting your entire life over again.

Which you are.

river rapids in japanYou’ve got to practice the mindset that everything in your life is in front of you (which it is). You’ve got to relax until you are surrounded by an awareness of the present moment, that state of grace that teaches you all you need to know (which it does).

In other words, the miracle of a Solo Travel Journey happens when you match the rhythm of life itself.

Years ago, my Sensei in the martial art of Aikido had the entire dojo community drive up to frigid Lake Washington to practice the cleansing art of misogi by jumping full-body into the water at six in the morning on a January in Seattle. He told us to to leave everything behind in the water, all the bad stuff in our lives, but also all the good stuff. He wanted us to come out clean and fresh like a baby.

Wouldn’t you like to feel clean and fresh like a baby?



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