It Happens Suddenly

zen stones and lightSatori is the term in traditional Japanese Zen practice referring to the state of sudden enlightenment that can come over someone like a flash of lightning. When in circles of Zen training, this condition is something that happens to the practitioner who has been meditating for years, who experiences such a profound metaphysical shift.

However, there is a way for anyone to take a little taste of enlightenment. A very simple, straightforward thing to do that will guarantee you will become “lighter” by the doing of it.

All you must do is get into motion.

Drive. Walk. Run. Bike. Rollerblade. Fly. Whatever it takes to get yourself moving.

When you get into motion, you join in harmony with the rhythm of life that is perpetually in motion. This harmonizing resonates within you, clearing away negativity, opening the doors to natural wisdom to help you move through change.

Solo Travel does that for you.

Little change. And big change.

What are you waiting for? It’s your turn to know this.



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