VAPORIZING MY PAST – An Interview with Julia Lucas, Graduate of The Solo Travel Solution Program

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Julia Lucas (aka Raw Julia) is a Raw Foods workshop leader. Recently she went through the 3 steps of The Solo Travel Solution program.  After developing her Question, she was lead on a one-day journey to New York City that was filled with all kinds of emotions, powerful surprises and profound learnings. Julia followed the program to a tee and experienced major breakthroughs. Listen below as she describes how she faced deep fears and “vaporized” her past during her Solo Travel Journey. Feel free to leave a comment.

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One of the key elements in experiencing a successful Solo Travel Journey is the idea that you are leaving everything behind. No matter how far or for how long you go, you’ve got to feel that sensation of letting go of everything and everyone in order to allow for an awakening while out there in motion.

In the audio below, Darshan Shanti, the author of the book, The 24 Hour Champion, discusses his thoughts about the edge that we need to get to in order to take responsibility for starting a revolution in our lives.  Learn about him at