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“THE PASSPORT” is a Home Learning Program. It includes 40 pages of content: background information about the work and written exercises. It is delivered as a PDF file to your email inbox.

“THE PASSPORT” is carefully designed to move you forward into the creation of a Life Question that will open your heart and awaken your mind. You will begin the work taking a good, hard look at yourself and your life.  You will complete the project feeling a state of refreshing aliveness. You will have gotten to the root of yourself. Now you can begin to get to know this wonderful, wise, powerful, peaceful being that you really are.

You begin by looking at your relational patterns, and you end with an entirely new relationship with yourself.

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“There is a touch of genius in Michael’s Passport.  It has helped me to bring greater focus and insight to some old painful patterns from my life and make some key steps toward eliminating them.  His guidance on identifying old patterns to be overcome, and finding your gifts on the inverse side is deep, powerful work, stemming from Michael’s own gritty, honest experience with transformation.  If you are looking to do some deep transformation work, you can gain a lot of leverage on a new, more satisfying, more alive way of living with this Home Learning Program.– P.J., Completed “THE PASSPORT”  

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*  Once you purchase it, you download it, print it out, read it, and answer the questions.

*  Take it slow, sprint through it, run through it multiple times, go at your own pace. It’s up to you.

*  The written exercises are sequential, one piece builds upon another — you will refer back to previous material in order to advance. This is crucial. The breakthroughs happen this way.

*  Although it is sequential, each segment stands alone. You may want to sit patiently with one segment at a time, as each will bring forth enlightening insights. Take breaks. Let it breathe.

*  There are pages of explanation and lots of model answers to help guide you.

*  You will be taking a real, hard look at your relational patterns, understanding how you are responsible for your life, seeing the roots of your situation in childhood, and articulating a solution to your mental attitude with your Question.

*  You have the option to receive a professional coaching evaluation with our PASSPORT ASSESSMENT  (additional fee).

*  Once you design your Question, you will read how to use it to change your mindset and attitude about your life.

*  You will be ready to move through our advanced programs (Home Learning Programs, Webinars, Exclusive Coaching, etc.).  Or you may want to go further by repeating The Passport or going through a Basic Webinar. While the material may be familiar, there will be additional layers of depth to it that will help make this real for you.  There’s no rush.

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Why is “THE PASSPORT” so important to do?

Read below to get a sense of the emotional journey that comes from completing “THE PASSPORT.”

PROFOUND, PRIVATE EXPERIENCE – This is a guided, transformational, educational program. It’s all about you. It systematically takes you down into the roots of your relational life and pulls you out of the earth, helping you to see things differently.

APPRECIATION, EXHILARATION, LIBERATION – You get to find out who you really are — below the surface, beyond your problems — the real deal you! It’s a way of really seeing your inner truth, and doing so can feel absolutely wonderful. It will awaken your heart and let your mind relax and breathe.

HOPE, FORGIVENESS, RELIEF – You get to make sense of your past and your present in a way that is a little confronting, a little humbling, but also very healing and rejuvenating. “THE PASSPORT” gives you permission to let go, while helping you to grow up at the same time. It lets you take responsibility, but celebrates the process at the same time.

LUCKY, GRATEFUL, EXHILARATED – When you get to the point of articulating your Question, you may find yourself laughing. You will see how all that you may be struggling with in your life has led you to this point now, where you have a beautiful opportunity to turn it around into a tapestry of healing and harmony.

POWER, INSIGHT, MATURITY – The toughest experiences bring us the deepest wisdom, and that is the point of this Home Learning Program — to let yourself witness the seed of your own inner transformation right in front of your eyes. Creating your Question is like designing a unique path to buried treasure — riches that have always been living within you. Remember, this is just the beginning. Now you get to let the Question lead you on a journey. That will make this transformation feel permanent. “THE PASSPORT” will help you get to the bottom of things like you never have before.

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“The process of journeying through ‘THE PASSPORT’ has cut to the very marrow of my bone and has given me in less than forty pages more clarity and insight than six years of therapy, and I have an amazing therapist.” RUTH, completed “THE PASSPORT”


“I sometimes forget how to appreciate myself and my gifts, thereby keeping me blocked.  Doing ‘The Passport’ has helped me to open and reopen those gifts again, letting me feel seen and deeply appreciated.”  – Chani Getter, founder of Inspirational Living Inc.


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How can I get “THE PASSPORT?”

“THE PASSPORT” Home Learning Program is available for $39. Simply click-through, download it and begin. The rest is up to you.



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