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Intensive Counseling for Individuals or Couples

Michael Jason Sherman, MA has years of experience working withMichael in Black Hat hundreds of clients all over the world. Whether helping an individual safely discover their inner truth, or helping a couple create a safe space to move through necessary changes, Michael brings a straight-talking, comforting and compassionate approach to Intensive Counseling.

Whether you need the work for yourself only or you want to experience healing with your partner, you will feel a sense of profound safety and powerful movement in every session. You will notice a dramatic shift begin to build over time, opening the door to a peaceful reconnection with who you really are.

All Intensive Counseling is offered either face-to-face in Michael’s office or via Skype or phone to anyone anywhere around the world. There is a flexibility to the design and schedule of the counseling program, although most clients opt for weekly sessions.

Counseling is a powerful way to commit to yourself and your relationships.

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“In the time that I’ve been learning from Michael, I feel that I have grown more than I have in all of my 33 years of life.  Michael continues to help me discover my inner truth and more importantly, helps me own the courage to act on that truth.”

-Belinda K., Graduate of the Intensive Counseling Program for Individuals

“Before beginning counseling with Michael, I was very conflicted about where I was in my life.  After the Introductory Session, I knew I was in the right place. This work has helped me immensely to figure out my relationships, and it has helped give direction and focus to my life.”

-Eddie D., Graduate of the Intensive Counseling Program for Individuals

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Counseling Options – Basic and Advanced:

Whether you want individual or couples counseling, there are two phases to the Intensive Counseling program. We begin with Basic Program, training in Imago Relationship Dialogue with Michael, along with many other healing, transformative techniques.

Once there is some basic understanding in what is happening within our relationships and some facility in using Imago Dialogue as a means to discover wisdom and move through change, then clients are encouraged to move into the Advanced Program, which involves the taking of a Solo Travel Journey.

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river rapids in japanThe key aspect of the Basic Program is the learning and practice of Imago Relationship Dialogue. This form of healing communication allows for an individual or couple to feel safe to communicate about whatever issues they may be going through, while moving through emotional changes inside and outside the counseling session.

Individuals practice Imago Dialogue with Michael in-session, along with free-flowing counseling conversation.  Couples practice separately with Michael and then together with each other in-session. Couples are encouraged to use Imago Dialogue at home between sessions.

Graduates of the Basic Program for individuals have experienced profound shifts in their mood, overall emotional well-being, ability to communicate with difficult people, confidence to move through big changes, and a sense of confidence and compassion for themselves.

Graduates of the Basic Program for couples have felt a sense of safety in their communication, a willingness to shift out of negative emotional reactivity on a consistent basis, a feeling of purpose in their relationship, and an awareness of the quality of change that the relationship is requiring — whether that means acceptance, change or even leaving the relationship.

“Since embracing Imago Dialogue as a couple, our relationship has shifted into a new place of understanding and empathy. Michael has helped us feel very safe. He is a great teacher.”

– D.B., Graduate of the Intensive Counseling Program for Couples

“In just a few hours, my feelings about my partner changed.” 

— R.T., Graduate of the Intensive Counseling Program for Couples

“Imago Dialogue has been huge for my marriage. And Michael’s careful teaching and counseling has helped us to move beyond negative reactivity into a safe and passionate space together.  We are so graced to do with work with Michael.”

– Jane, Graduate of the Intensive Counseling Program for Couples

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transportationClients who move into the Advanced Program of Intensive Counseling are ready to take the risk that will move them through the change they are seeking.

After gaining a basic understanding and facility of Imago Dialogue, and experiencing the positive results that come from this practice, counseling clients are encourages to set forth on a Solo Travel journey, where they experience their authentic selves come alive.

Whether the journey is a short day trip to the woods or a ten-day jaunt to another country, clients will take their healing work outside the counseling office. Over time, Michael will help them to use what they learned from the practice of Imago Dialogue to develop a personal Life Question which will lead to the design of a Solo Travel journey.

The taking of the journey will move the client through lingering fear, awakening them to an emotional energy that was previously lacking in their daily life, providing them with an experience that awakens their inner wisdom, and helping them to return home and integrate what they learned into real change in their relationships, work and life.

silhoutte couple meditatingFor Couples, part of the healing process involves deciding which partner will go on the journey. By temporarily leaving everything behind in this practice of Solo Travel, the partner who goes will face the emotional issues he is yearning to master while out there on the road for a brief time.

Simultaneously, the partner who remains behind will be guided by Michael to “hold the space” at home, discovering something profound about themselves while temporarily experiencing their partner’s absence.

Both roles are deeply challenging and immensely rewarding.

The taking of a Solo Travel journey allows clients to experience life without the bondage of mental and emotional patterns that were ripping their lives apart.

Individual clients return ready to claim their true voice and live an authentic life.  The journey is the risk they take before the revolution begins in relationships, work and life.

Couples who complete this work experience a cut on the chord on relational habits that prevent them from seeing who they are as partners. The journey gives the couples a new emotional gear to ride on. Whether they are meant to stay together or not, this new gear gives the partnership a hit of oxygen that opens the door to new possibilities that were previously hidden.

Every step of the way, you will be guided, taught and cared for by Michael, who will offer his wisdom and kindness all the way through these challenging experiences. In spite of the nature of Solo Travel, you will never be alone doing this work. 

“Having just returned yesterday from my first solo travel, I can absolutely attest to the power of the experience. It went beyond anything I was expecting, each day bringing new challenges, releases, and revelations. It’s precipitated an undeniable shift in my outlook – I have a newfound clarity about what I want out of life and an emerging plan to realize it.”

– Noah, Graduate of the Intensive Counseling Program for Couples

“My Solo Travel experience made me a believer in myself. All along the way, I felt nurtured, loved and part of something bigger than me. There was a moment in the coaching when I said to myself, ‘Uh-oh, there’s something big happening here.’ Michael immediately impressed me with his healing and insight. He trusted me, and helped me to be fully authentic. I felt safe to go into the darkness. I felt something mysterious unfold in unexpected ways. And once I came back from my trip, it was as if I became aware that I was always sitting on buried treasure.”  

– J.M., Graduate of the Intensive Counseling Program for Individuals

“Going through a divorce with my partner changed from hell on earth to a process of personal rebirth for both of us. I’m so grateful to Michael and the Solo Travel Solution.”  

– Kelly, Graduate of the both Intensive Counseling Programs (for Couples and Individuals)

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Solo Travel Solution is waiting for youIf you feel like a candidate to receive individual or couples counseling with Michael, you probably have a lot of questions.  What is recommended is that you reach out to Michael directly to see if you are a good candidate for this work.  This is best done via email inquiry, followed by the a brief phone or Skype consultation (FREE).


Only after communicating in Michael in this way will any discussion of program fees and schedule structure be discussed.

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Please send your email inquiries

about Intensive Counseling to Michael Jason Sherman, MA.


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“I’ve learned so much in the last few months with Michael. If I only had him years ago. He has helped me take back my power and get through things in my life that made me feel like I was drowning. I feel like I’ve got a whole new life and I’m thrilled.”

 – Jennifer, Graduate of the Intensive Counseling Program

“The Solo Travel coaching experience was fascinating and liberating.  I’m amazed at how it has had such an incredible impact on my life. I’m ready to go again.”

– Carla, Graduate of the Intensive Counseling Program

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