“Working with Michael has allowed me to enjoy my healing journey with much more clarity, ease, and authenticity. His compassionate presence has allowed me to trust his process and precise insights. Through solo travel and mirroring communication practice, Michael has allowed me to own my deepest truths. His coaching has improved every aspect of my life. He is a gifted teacher and a masterful guide.”

– Chad C., Yoga Teacher and 4th Degree Aikido Blackbelt, graduate of coaching program

We are in times filled with anxiety and uncertainty. It is a time of awakening on a global level.  It requires a willingness to discover the resources within us in order to feel our own authenticity and know where life is taking us. In this way, it’s time to begin learning from the right teacher.

It’s time to begin coaching with Michael.

Right now, Michael is offering FREE 20 minute phone consultations to allow you to see if his coaching work is a fit for your situation and your needs, or simply if you want a powerful boost from the direct exposure to him and his coaching.

His work is not for everyone. If you are successful in certain areas of life, but you want to hear more from your inner soulful guidance, you are encouraged to take advantage of this free coaching offer offer.  

So keep reading.

You’ll see a link at the bottom to click with your FREE Coaching inquiries.  



As a professional coaching client, you will be treated with Michael’s care, wisdom and experience. And you will learn:

•  How gaining a basic knowing of mirroring communication practice (Imago) will create calm and understanding immediately.

•  Where you may have blindspots to thinking and behavioral patterns that are creating struggle for you in your life.

• Ways to understand the most challenging relationships that lead to new and liberating perspectives and directions.

• How to “feel your way” into knowing what your inner guidance is telling you and what that means for you right now.

• How taking a real-life solo travel journey will awaken you to a deep, inspiring, trusting relationship with yourself.

“In the very first moment I spoke with Michael, I was able to sense his deep compassion and wisdom. He provided a safe environment for me to transition through a difficult time.”

– Diane S., Entrepreneur and co-founder of an on-the-ground charity in Uganda, coaching client graduate



The clients that have moved through the most empowering and exciting changes working with Michael have been the following:

•  Curious about their healing journey and seeking knowledge about spirituality and the law of attraction.

•  Successful leaders, entrepreneurs or service providers in their own industries, perhaps seeking change in career direction.

• People/couples who want to be more conscious about their relationships, including learning about emotional reactive patterns.

• Willingness to focus on coaching as one would see martial arts – continuous training that leads to breakthroughs over time.

• Openness to transformational solo travel via guided visualization, a brief drive, or taking a real trip somewhere – alone.

“Having just returned yesterday from my first solo travel, I can absolutely attest to the power of the experience. It went beyond anything I was expecting, each day bringing new challenges, releases, and revelations. It’s precipitated an undeniable shift in my outlook – I have a newfound clarity about what I want out of life and an emerging plan to realize it.”

 Noah C.H., Professional Musician, Graduate of the Couples Coaching program.



Here’s the way most prospective clients find their way to begin their journey with Michael:

     • Inquire about a FREE 20 minute consultation and then follow through with a brief questionnaire.

     • If you and Michael decide on moving forward, sign up for a 1-hour intro session at a reduced rate.

     • If the teacher-student relationship feels like a fit, commit to a 90 day program (weekly or bi-weekly sessions).

     • After you complete a 90 day coaching program, you can continue on a session by session basis.

     • Return over the years to coaching in ways that prepare you for your next intensive solo travel experience.

“Michael’s coaching is outstanding. He has helped me and my husband move through impossible challenges to stay together. We practice Imago Dialogue all the time, which helps us tremendously in our communication and the overall emotional state of our home. We have both gone on solo travel journeys following Michael’s guidance, which has opened the door to more growth, connection and understanding between us.”

– K.G., Member of a couple that graduated the coaching program



Send an email inquiry about receiving 20 minutes of phone consultation with Michael.

Include your full name, location and a brief reason for your coaching inquiry.  You will receive a reply asking you a few follow up questions.  Upon receipt of your answers, Michael will set up a phone appointment with you to receive a FREE 20 minute phone session.

You are not required to sign up for further sessions if you try this one-time FREE offer.  Not available to current coaching clients. Michael reserves discretion to decline this offer to those who are not a fit for private coaching, and may benefit better from other healing methods or traditional counseling.

To inquire or ask questions about your FREE 20 minute coaching session:


“It’s hard for me to put into words what it’s like to take a Solo Travel Journey with Michael Jason Sherman’s guidance and teaching. It’s like flying. I reclaimed my life — my authentic life. And I made revolutionary changes in my relationships and my career after I returned home. This is a legit, for-real, life changing program.”

– Virginia, Went on 3 Solo Travels to 3 different U.S. locations as a Coaching Client

Thank you and always remember to keep it moving….













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