“Working with Michael has allowed me to enjoy my healing journey with much more clarity, ease, and authenticity. His compassionate presence has allowed me to trust his process and precise insights. Through solo travel and mirroring communication practice, Michael has allowed me to own my deepest truths. His coaching has improved every aspect of my life. He is a gifted teacher and a masterful guide.”

– Chad C., Yoga Teacher and 4th Degree Aikido Blackbelt, graduate of coaching program

Receiving the guidance of an experienced coach and counselor can awaken a kind of clarity within that carries us into a new world. Whether we are struggling with relationships or emotional patterns that keep us blocked, or if we are seeking greater meaning in our work, our connection to spirituality and how we choose to contribute our gifts to the world, it can be challenging to do it all on our own.

It doesn’t matter if we are just starting out as grown ups, or if we seek to regain the innocence we have lost — the solutions come from within. By following a program of transformational coaching, we will begin to listen to the resources that have always been living within us, in a way that will bring us relief, understanding, and a renewed sense of purpose that will help us discover who we really are and what we really want.

Michael Jason Sherman has been providing private coaching, counseling and consulting to individuals and couples for over a decade. He has worked with people who have suffered and struggled with negative emotional patterns, baffling relationship issues on all sides of the spectrum of dating, marriage and divorce, challenges in work, career and expressing our true innate gifts, and discovering a sense of spirituality that connects us to the source of our being.

His coaching methods are innovative and empowering. He integrates communication techniques that bring relief and clarity, along with the powerful practice of transformational solo travel – a personal intensive that invokes the healing power of the road. (More on these techniques below). But most importantly, he is attentive, caring and sharp, always remaining attuned to the needs of the person in front of him.

Michael’s clients have gone on to make decisions that have empowered themselves and changed the direction of their lives. Through his careful teaching and guidance, clients have found discovered inner resources that have helped them to stay or leave relationships, to start companies and charities both in the US and abroad, to write books or immerse themselves in a new art form, and perhaps most importantly, to discover and practice new ways of thinking that bring them a continual sense of ease about who they are in the world.

“In the very first moment I spoke with Michael, I was able to sense his deep compassion and wisdom. He provided a safe environment for me to transition through a difficult time.”

– Diane S., Entrepreneur and co-founder of an on-the-ground charity in Uganda, coaching client graduate


Send an email inquiry about receiving 20 minutes of phone consultation with Michael

Include your name, location and a brief reason for your coaching inquiry.  You will receive a reply asking you a few follow up questions.  Upon receipt of your answers, Michael will set up a phone appointment with you to receive a FREE 20 minute phone session.  To inquire, CLICK: HERE.

How does a program of private coaching with Michael work?


Typically, prospective clients start with a Free 20 minute phone consultation. This gives you a chance to find out more about Michael’s approach to coaching, and he gets a chance to hear what you have going on in your life, your relationships or career.

At the end of the 20 minute consultation, if there is a mutual sense that you can be helped by further work (and that Michael feels like he is the right teacher for you), then you will be asked to consider to try an introductory one-hour coaching session via phone, Facetime or Skype. In this way, you can work with Michael from anywhere in the world.

The introductory session is a paid session, offered at a discounted rate. (Fees and other requirements will be discussed privately during the free phone consultation).

Once you complete the introductory session, if there is a mutual sense that this is a match for both teacher and student and that it would be beneficial to continue on a program of coaching, you will be asked to consider making a commitment to a 90 day program of coaching. This means working with Michael either once a week or once every two weeks, for sessions lasting either 30 minutes or an hour — sessions happening via Skype, FaceTime or phone, unless other options are discussed.  If issues come up between sessions, occasionally phone or text conversations can be set up depending on availability.

All discussions of fees and other services or commitments will be discussed privately with the client.

Coaching can be done as an individual or with a partner.  If you opt for couples coaching, you must do one hour sessions during your 90 day program. 30 minute sessions are far too rushed for couples.

Again, any fees and other commitments will be discussed with you directly with Michael. However, it is important that coaching remain affordable such that the focus can be on the work, and not the fee.

Anyone can try a free one-time phone consultation. You are not required to enroll in any programs in order to receive this free consultation.  We ask that you follow through on the questionnaire you receive before setting up that appointment in order to make sure that you are a match for this transformational work. To learn more about the types of people who have been excellent matches to receive Michael’s guidance, continue reading below.

Once you complete a 90 day program of coaching, you may continue on a per session basis.

What makes Michael’s coaching program unique and successful?


Clients who have moved through Michael’s coaching program have experienced a kind of personal awakening that has led to sustained feelings of well-being, an enlightened sense of intuition, and a renewed and empowered relationship with themselves.

What leads to this kind of personal awakening begins with the practice of mirroring communication.

Whether in an individual or couples coaching context, Michael teaches the practice of mirroring in a way that releases stress and helps the client feel seen for who they really are.

Mirroring communication helps clients on “receiving.”  That means better listening to others, developing improved mindfulness that quiets our insides, or sensing intuitive messages within.

Whether through practice, or by discussion of its principles, mirroring communication serves as a kind of verbal meditation, that helps clients release negative emotional patterns, and relax into the full sense of being who they really are. Mirroring allows us to trust the moment, even with difficult people in our lives.

With couples, the practice happens not only within the session, but outside the session in day to day life. It allows couples to break out of reactivity and dissonance, allowing them to find clarity about what they mean to each other and where they are headed in the relationship, even if that means breaking up.

The teaching of mirroring communication and its principles allow clients to move beyond blindspots that they have in even the most difficult relationships, that they may discover innate wisdom within themselves.

In addition to the practice of mirroring, clients are encouraged to embrace the idea of taking a transformational solo travel journey. What this means is that when a client is ready (or one member of a couple), they will be encouraged to set aside some time to experience the emotional breakthrough that comes through (temporarily) leaving everything behind and taking a trip somewhere by themselves.

This process of transformational solo travel is an intensive method to help the client integrate the authentic aspects of their own being that may have been blocked or denied because of conditioning or because of the environments that they have surrounded themselves at work and in life.

The solo travel process invites the client to develop a question that acts as a personal mantra. Through the rehearsal of this personal mantra, clients experience a growing shift into states of well-being and ease. They begin to feel more at home within, connected to a resourceful emotional state.

Then, the clients use that question as a kind of a basis for a real journey to somewhere on their own, such that the solo trip triggers a that empowering emotional state in a breathtaking manner.

A trip may be a simple one hour drive to get out into the mountains or the beach. Or if money, time and resources allow, the client may consider taking a longer trip, perhaps somewhere in another part of the globe. In this manner, the coaching program goes beyond the “office” and out into world, transporting the client into parts unknown – both physically and emotionally.

The results of this kind of experience are life changing. They bring about a kind of wisdom and elation that feels almost unreal, as if they have magically stepped into their own movie in the middle of real life. Then upon returning home, the client receives more caring and guidance about how to integrate the lessons of their journey into a new way of looking at their lives, their relationships and their work like they have never done before.

Returning home, they see how the trip has given them insight and personal power to make changes they’ve been reluctant to do before they took their own solo travel journey.  They feel deeper, wiser and clearer, like never before.

It is an empowering breakthrough experience and personal awakening that naturally comes to them through experiencing the healing power of the road.

All along the way, they are provided structure, care, guidance and loving heart-based feedback from Michael.

“Having just returned yesterday from my first solo travel, I can absolutely attest to the power of the experience. It went beyond anything I was expecting, each day bringing new challenges, releases, and revelations. It’s precipitated an undeniable shift in my outlook – I have a newfound clarity about what I want out of life and an emerging plan to realize it.”

 Noah C.H., Professional Musician, Graduate of the Couples Coaching program.

What kind of people have been a good match for this kind of private coaching experience? 





















For individuals, couples, executives and teams

Offered via Skype or phone

To try a 20 minute complimentary session? See below. 

 * * *

Coaching is a great thing to do. No matter where you are in your work or your life, receiving coaching with Michael will help you feel a profound sense of authenticity, a feeling that will guide you through powerful changes within you and in your outer world as well. Michael has a compassionate, funny, strong-minded and clear approach to helping people through coaching.  It’s like working with a martial artist — only one who is teaching you to connect to your own resourcefulness through words, listening skills, visualization, and the practice of transformational solo travel. 

The starting point of our coaching programs is about understanding the nature of negative emotional reactivity. Whether we are dealing with patterns in our partnerships in our personal life, or the overall tone and stress level at work, negative emotional reactivity can develop into a chronic condition of toxicity that prevents us from experiencing a state of well-being. It is about looking at the patterns of thought and speech that split us off from our authentic nature.  Michael has a knack for seeing what we cannot see about ourselves, and helping us to move through this inner split into wholeness and purpose. 

Before sending anyone on a transformational solo travel journey, we want clients to gain a sense of clarity about negative emotional reactivity, how it shows up in your relationships and what it is really teaching you.

We then introduce you to principles and practices that help to diminish its effects. A program of coaching will then help you (or you and your partner or your team) to elevate up the emotional scale into a state of ongoing, sustainable well-being.

Through the teaching of Imago Relationship Dialogue, a communication practice that teaches you to experience a sense of empathy, validation, and understanding of others, you will begin to taste this feeling state of well-being and see a carryover effect in your relationships at work and home.

Michael Jason Sherman, MA, the creator of The Solo Travel Solution, has over ten years experience of teaching Imago Relationship Dialogue to individuals, couples and groups. By training directly with Michael in both the practice of “mirroring” (a key principle of Imago Relationship Dialogue) along with other empowering techniques, you will feel a sense of relief, clarity and knowledge that you have been lacking about your relationships and yourself.

By using video conference technology, Michael can work with people all over the world. He approaches the practice of dialogue like a martial artist, training people to advance in the technique such that they see an improvement in skills and attitudes about communication and relationships over time. When you allow yourself to experience his care, guidance and wisdom, you experience a continued state of awakening and understanding about yourself and others.

As in martial arts, when students advance, they are groomed for the next level. Such it is with transformational solo travel. Once a coaching client gains some traction in understanding and changing the dynamics of negative emotional reactivity, they will then be shown how to create their own transformational solo travel journey – one that gives them a feeling of freedom and an experience they will never forget.

Please note: Solo travel is an optional part of the coaching program!  

Michael’s coaching will help the client to integrate their solo travel experience such that they return home with an entirely new and improved relationship with themselves, and a readiness to create changes in their relationships, their work and their overall life direction.

Clients don’t need to travel far to experience the powerful effects of solo travel. You can always take a small journey before preparing for a larger journey.  Whatever your choice, just keep it moving…

“It’s hard for me to put into words what it’s like to take a Solo Travel Journey with Michael Jason Sherman’s guidance and teaching. It’s like flying. I reclaimed my life — my authentic life. And I made revolutionary changes in my relationships and my career after I returned home. This is a legit, for-real, life changing program.” – Virginia, Coaching Client

* * *

Our coaching programs are for:

*** Individuals who want to experience a more consistent feelings of clarity and empowerment.

*** Couples who are experiencing significant challenges or want create a deeper connection.

*** Executives who want to move through transitions in their career direction.

*** Teams that want to improve the tone and culture of their organization.

Coaching clients should expect to experience the following:

*** An ongoing and increasing sense of well-being no matter what the situation.

*** Knowledge about how to move up the emotional scale on one’s own.

*** Better ability to listen with a new awareness about the purpose of frustrating relationships.

*** A sense of clarity and ease while moving through significant and necessary transitions.

When you come to the point of taking your first solo travel journey – no matter how big or small, near or far your trip – you will see how your journey works hand in hand with the foundation of coaching and practice of dialogue you’ve already received. Michael helps to integrate the work from the virtual counseling office with the “work” you do by temporarily leaving everything behind.

The results can be amazing.

“Michael’s coaching is outstanding. He has helped me and my husband move through impossible challenges to stay together. We practice Imago Dialogue all the time, which helps us tremendously in our communication and the overall emotional state of our home. We have both gone on solo travel journeys following Michael’s guidance, which has opened the door to more growth, connection and understanding between us.” – K.G., Coaching Client

* * *

If you (or you and your partner or your team) are interested in private coaching with Michael (via Skype or phone), you may try a 20 minute session for free. Simply send your inquiry via email. You will then receive a brief questionnaire about your situation, which will be followed by scheduling after receiving your answers.

The 20 minute session will be supportive, empowering and enlightening. Should you wish to continue, Michael will discuss terms and availability at that time.

To inquire about your free coaching session,


* * *

Thank you and always remember to keep it moving….













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