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Last year, I was attending an Abraham workshop when a woman came up to sit in the chair with the following question:

“Abraham, I’ve just written my first book, and now I’m not sure what I should do to get it out there?”

Abraham jumped on her and immediately and replied: “Just write another book.”

The answer made me shudder. It was so brilliant, so easy, so perfect.

Here’s a taste of Abraham from a different seminar, but the same subject. But keep reading below the video. What follows is an important announcement from me about THE NEXT BOOK.


How does one stay in that feverish, meat-grinding energy that consumes a writer privately while simultaneously getting out there and pretending to be a Price Is Right model hawking a book like it was a new set of dining room chairs?

The answer is easy. Write another one.

Well, now that the advance edition of THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL has been published and is being read by hungry readers at this very moment, it’s obvious to me that I need to write a book that is not about my journey, but about your journey.  A book that explains what it takes to really put together a Solo Travel trip — how to do it, when to do it, why to do it.

A book about what really happens to you before, during and after a journey.  A book that gives you soulful taste of  truth about what you may be going through in your relationships, your mindset and your life direction.

A new book, a real book, a book about you, not about me. A book that hits the note about your inner world and inspires you to set forth into motion and temporarily leave everything in your life behind that you may experience a feeling of aliveness like you never have before.

So, ahem… it begins on this blog:



Or so goes the working title.

I will be writing this book as blog posts over the coming weeks. It will be written with the same style and voice as I conveyed in THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL, but it will be focused on how you can learn this process and set forth on your own journey, that you may experience a state of wonder, relief, and a feeling joyful aliveness that propels you through profound change.

It will teach you how to do this. How to move through and beyond emotional suffering by leaving it all behind.

My agent has been alerted.   I just haven’t met her yet. This new book will find her.

So I recommend that you tune in to the blog on a regular basis, subscribe to the mailing list below, and while you’re at it, get yourself an Advance Copy of THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL — (pre orders are being accepted for expected shipment in mid-October – CLICK: HERE).

And kindly share these posts on Facebook, Twitter, two paper cups connected with a string, and so on.

Thank you so much, dear readers. And always remember to keep it moving.


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This morning, I awoke to the sounds, sights and smells of a ton of garbage — literally — sitting in front of my house.  Apparently, a fire somehow started inside this collection of other people’s waste as it was being carried by a truck around the neighborhood.  Had the vehicle not belched all the garbage out onto the ground, the whole thing would have exploded in flames and been destroyed.garbage truck dumping

That’s when I realized, this was a fantastic metaphor for the start of a Solo Travel Journey. When one takes such a spiritual journey, leaving everything in their life behind, the very choice to set forth into motion ignites a fire in one’s heart. Once you are out there alone, caught up in the speed of momentum and mystery, that fire forces all the garbage you’ve been carrying around in your mind to be “dumped” from your consciousness.


It’s a massive emotional purge. Everything you’ve been holding onto, all the stress, the confusion, the resentment, the negativity… all of that becomes irrelevant when you feel the wind blowing through your hair on the highway, or that tug on your gut that lures you back when the plane darts forward. It doesn’t necessarily matter where you are going. Rather, what matters is who you are about to meet out there on the road — your true nature.

This beautiful, mysterious, magical, intimate, honorable, healing rendez-vous requires that all the emotional garbage that you’ve been carrying around be dumped.

As the author of the E-Book, THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL: A Journey from Anxiety to Enlightenment (Click:Here), and the creator of The Solo Travel Solution program of healing and transformation, I’m a product of this process. I’ve set forth on many Solo Travel Journeys and sent many clients on their way as well. 

Some clients simply go into the woods or the city for a few hours or a few days to get the feeling of privacy and motion. Others find their way around the world. Either way, this solo motion clears the emotional energy that is stored within one’s body, energy that more often than not shows up as anxiety.

Backpacker Waiting for her TrainI’m not a believer in magic bullets or miracle pills. But I’ve been around the block with healing modalities — therapy, seminars, meditation, medication, recovery, books, support groups, martial arts, and so on. Each has had their own place in my life, and in the lives of my clients. What I can say is that nothing has penetrated to the heart of the matter as much as setting forth on a Solo Travel Journey, particularly when it’s done with a spiritually systematic design. 

The journey is a container of time, with a beginning, middle and end. Within this container, one naturally receives teachings and moves through tests. You take your life into your own hands, and the feeling of momentum does the rest. Doing so takes your condition of anxiety beyond the counseling office, and moves the emotional energy of your body in ways that awaken your spirit and let you feel alive. By recording your experience in words and pictures, you bring back home a mental anchor of the trip, that helps you to regain that spirit of healing once you return to the life you left behind.

Again, there are no magic bullets. But for myself and my clients, what we learn out there on the road puts our lives into alignment, stimulating a sense of confidence in ourselves and our purpose, which helps us to sustain practices that ward away anxiety once we return home. We can always go back any time, setting forth alone for another dump of the emotional garbage we start carrying again after a period of time. It’s just like doing the dishes. You’ve got to clean up the mess.

But when you see Solo Travel as a serious method of personal healing, then you’ll be cleaning up a mess that erupted from your system because of a fire that started in your heart. Then the mess doesn’t seem so bad.  But the fire keeps you awake and alive.

THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL E-BOOK EDITION is being released on Monday, August 26th. To learn more about the book — CLICK: HERE.

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Hello, reader.

My name is Michael Jason Sherman. I am a father, I am a Jew and I am the author of the book, “The Zen of Solo Travel.” It feels really good to say that.daibutsu

I’ve been wrestling with this project for two and a half years, but really it’s been eight years, however, it has in fact been thirty-five years.

The two and a half years ago began when it seemed like everything in my world was falling apart, and after a powerful, private journey with a counselor, I awakened to the fact that I really am a writer at heart and it was truly time to get a project out into the world.

Amongst the piles of unfinished manuscripts laying around, I chose this one because I thought it would only take me a month to complete. Thirty months later, and thirty plus Solo Travel Journeys later (a few taken by me, most taken by my counseling clients, some traveling to the other side of the globe), the manuscript is done and ready for initial release (first E-book, later real book — join the email list below to get updates).

The eight years ago began when it seemed like everything in my world was falling apart, and I took private, powerful Solo Travel Journey to Japan. I returned bursting with renewed energy, ready to become the adoptive father of a Chinese girl (my sweet and adoring Twyla — the girl from two worlds), ready to quit my safe and tenured middle school teaching job, ready to help heal others, and more than ready to write every single composition bookminute of my journey into four, black, bound, college-ruled, composition notebooks with one pen. 

Fingers hurt. Ouch.

The thirty-five years ago began when I it seemed like everything in my world was falling apart, and my father was developing what would become a permanent mental illness that would eventually force him to end it all, and having just taken me to see the opening night of Star Wars in the summer of 1977, and me being inspired to use an electric  typewriter for the first time, and this young child feeling the fever of the word, busting out his first story called “Space Adventures” in a private, powerful journey of writing only a little boy can go on, only to be condemned and by the big grown up Darth Vader Dad who used words like “half-assed” and “never make it in the real world.”

So right then and there, I decided — “No problem, Dad. I won’t finish anything.” And so I didn’t. Until today. It feels really good to say that.

The words are written, but now the finishing process really begins. It’s one thing to slave away at a project and turn it into the book that you were always meant to write. It’s another thing to put on the publishing hat and help this infant learn to walk and find its waiting audience.

In this way, I am announcing today (7/9/13) as the day where the Curse is Over.  The manuscript will be ready for E-book release in a few short weeks.  At which time, I will have finally finished what I started, and the book will belong to you, the reader.

And you are:

* A spiritual being having a human experience on a Solo Travel Journey through life.

* An adventurer who loves the feeling of motion in other lands and spaces.

* A man or a woman facing a crisis in your marriage, or coming out the other side of it.

* Someone who has experienced trauma in your life and has tried everything to heal it.

* A young adult who hasn’t fully settled on a life direction or a relationship you really want.

* An empty-nester or baby-boomer who sees the horizon and is ready for a new chapter of life.

* An entrepreneur or corporate who loves the creative process and is ready for a spiritual experience.

* A professional healer or spiritual teacher who is fascinated by journeys of courage and awakening.

* Someone who longs to experience your inner truth and discover the authenticity of your life’s work.

You are my audience.

Michael in Black Hat

Michael Jason Sherman, Author of “The Zen of Solo Travel”

The book is called, “The Zen of Solo Travel: A Journey from Anxiety to Enlightenment.” It is a philosophical memoir of a 10 day journey to Japan, where I took life in my own hands and came out the other side starting a revolution that I haven’t stopped.

The program attached to it is called “The Solo Travel Solution,” which is explained in this website.  I teach people to deal with their relationships, their mindset, and then set them forth on Solo Travel Journeys where they have an awakening of wisdom that lets them feel alive.

The book will be out in E-Book form in the coming weeks. The program of healing and transformation is ready to go.  If you fit into any of the above categories (or even if you don’t), I encourage you to join the mailing list (below), that you may stay connected and dip your toe in this magnificent pool.

Thank you, reader. It feels good to say that.


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VAPORIZING MY PAST – An Interview with Julia Lucas, Graduate of The Solo Travel Solution Program

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An Audio Podcast featuring interviews transformational experts and graduates of the Solo Travel Solution Program

Julia Lucas (aka Raw Julia) is a Raw Foods workshop leader. Recently she went through the 3 steps of The Solo Travel Solution program.  After developing her Question, she was lead on a one-day journey to New York City that was filled with all kinds of emotions, powerful surprises and profound learnings. Julia followed the program to a tee and experienced major breakthroughs. Listen below as she describes how she faced deep fears and “vaporized” her past during her Solo Travel Journey. Feel free to leave a comment.

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Self-Betrayal is a Celebration

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An Audio Blog to let you Feel Alive!

Solo Travel Solution Creator, Michael Jason Sherman, talks for 7 minutes on how “Self Betrayal is a Celebration.” 

Awaken!  Learn more!  Listen!

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Hello, Peace and Welcome,

My name is Michael Jason Sherman, and I’m the creator of The Solo Travel Solution. It is a great honor to share this work with you, wherever you are in the Michael in Black Hatworld. I hlope that you get a chance to sink your teeth into what The Solo Travel Solution is all about.  It has been a solution in my life, and in the lives of numerous clients of mine.  I hope it will be for you, as well.

However you have found this site, I honor you.  I firmly believe in the fact that there are no accidents, and you’ve come here for a reason. Whatever the case, I know that if you are anything like the people who have shown up to work with me, then you must have a story. You are probably beautiful, powerful, insightful, and perhaps a little wild. Or maybe you know that you are these things, but they are undernourished parts of your personality. Simply hear that I appreciate these energies that are within you, and I know that it is because of these character traits that you are showing up right now.

So join us as we ignite a global revolution. We want to share this profound, personal, intimate process of The Solo Travel Solution with the world. At the time of the writing of this piece, so far dozens of people have been trained on the 3-Step Process, including setting forth on a Solo Travel Journey that changed their lives. Perhaps you will be next.

If you are curious, stick around. Read the pages on the site. Join one of our Free Conference Calls. Perhaps register for a webinar, purchase a Home Learning Program, or sign up for Exclusive Coaching. Whatever works for you.  Regardless, it is my intention to teach those who come to this site all that I know about this process that has changed my life and the lives of many others.

It’s all about having an experience where you “leave everything behind.” That can mean flying to Malaysia or driving to the mall — wherever you go, it’s about experiencing the feeling that you can let go of everything in your life and start fresh again. You can meet who you really are, outside of the routine of your day, and open the door to wisdom and ecstasy that awaits you.  You can have a feeling of aliveness, which will help you to start a revolution in your life back at home. You can become responsible for who you really are.

It is my pleasure to be your teacher and to serve you with the knowledge, training and experience that I have to share. Please join our mailing list and listen to the free recording that comes with it (side panel left). Feel free to send an email with your comments or questions to

See you soon.  And always remember to Keep It Moving!

Much love,

Michael Jason Sherman