Our Mission

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Launched in October 2012, The Solo Travel Solution, is the brain child of Author and Strategic Life Coach, Michael Jason Sherman. Michael’s vision is to teach people how to use the methodology of Solo Travel as a lifestyle in order to experience a sense of personal liberation, break free of subconscious restraints that limit our ability to master our minds and our relationships, and to receive clear visions about our true nature, our life’s work, who we are meant to serve and the direction we are headed in this world.

Through coaching, training, seminars, multi-media and community based projects, The Solo Travel Solution will develop a global network of beautiful souls who took a leap into this private and deeply spiritual experience. We intend to launch a million Solo Travel journeys in the next five years, igniting an international revolution of profound change by teaching people how to leave everything behind.



We are here to be unstoppable revolutionaries who create an international movement of liberation by sharing experiences of enlightenment and teaching the art and lifestyle of Solo Travel.

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