The Power of Surrender

Hello and Peace to all who read this.

I’m writing this post while on a Solo Travel Journey.  Michael in Black HatI’ve gone through my own program — following the 3 Step Process to a tee.  I’m not going to tell you about my situation or where I’ve gone, but I will say that I’m having another experience of wisdom and ecstasy, as is always the case when I go solo, and leave everything behind me.

One of the key elements of following this program is to invite a test or a stretch while you are out there alone. That might be as simple as not using your cellphone or not telling someone where you’ve gone.  It could also be more dramatic, like biking a hundred miles or remaining silent for three days. Whatever the case, the test that you invite is one that helps you move through your own self-betrayal, and awaken to the truth within. It’s a symoblic, metaphoric experience that elevates your experience of life.

While I’ll keep my test private, what I will say is this. I expected to be filled with a glorious highlight show of brilliant ideas by moving through this soulful exam. I thought I would come out of it pumped up and ready to take on the world. Instead, I am brought to my knees. And while on the floor…. a voice whispering through me, saying “SURRENDER.”

This was exactly the lesson I needed. Get quiet, don’t move, and surrender. Right now, this was what I had to hear, even though I didn’t expect to be overcome in this way. That’s the power of Solo Travel. You get exactly the teaching that you need. You come into contact with power that is greater than you… while you are out there alone.

So while I was looking for incredible, awe inspiring answers, the message I received was to stay quiet and surrender. This is the message that I am taking home with me once this Solo Travel Journey is complete. This is the revolution that I need to spark in my life — to surrender.  Because it’s becoming extremely clear to me that I don’t have all the answers.

What does all this mean in real terms? Hard to say at this moment. But this private experience has given me a taste of wisdom that is far greater than I am.  And since the trip is still going on…. I’m going to go celebrate the feeling of being alive.  Perhaps I can find a cold waterfall that I can stick my head under for a few hours.

Always remember to Keep It Moving.


Self-Betrayal is a Celebration

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